Monday, January 11, 2010

I can't decide...

I want these shoes (for the summer, I know I'm starting early...) They are from the fantabulous Topshop.I just don't know what colour to choose.......... I think they look so seventies which is such an absolutely wonderful thing (if I can't have vintage I will settle for something that looks just as good as!) Either of these shoes will work so well with any summer outfit be it shorts, skinnies or a floaty dress. Also I think I'd wear them in the winter to with some thick opaque tights... Which would you pick? I'll let you know which ones I decide to purchase...

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  1. I like the brown, but they're both lovely! i love your blog, just found it on blanaids! im the other one she featured! check mine out and tell me what ya think! Anna x

  2. Oh my goodness Rhona you read my mind, saw these on the website the last day and fell in love immediately!! Personally I love the cream, there's something more vintage-esque about them. But the tan is amazing too, cant wait to see them in the flesh!!

  3. I love the brown! :)

  4. Hey Rhona, love the blog! And your style! I too have an ass and some hips so it's lovely to see a beautiful woman like yourself rocking your curves and giving the rest of us some inspiration!

    I was only talking about my fantasy summer wardrobe the other day and decided that I would need some brown wedges. You just found me the perfect pair! Thank you!

    Oh and the cream are beautiful but I think the brown are more versatile!