Friday, July 23, 2010

All things old and green...

Tis a nice day today (thankfully), perfect for taking outdoor shots of my outfit today. The dress is my "skinny" dress (was bought when I was 16 and much fitter as I was a rower). I haven't fit in it since I was 17 so I am happy to be at a healthier weight now. Don't get me wrong I love my curves but I just wish to be more toned and slightly less round, so it feels great to once again fit in this gorgeous dress!

I rarely wear this cardigan, I like it but I find it looks awkward and messy with a lot of my outfits because of the way it hangs. And these boots are new! Ok I didn't break my shopping detox I just cheated a little, for you see my mother bought me these (so it's totally alright he he). But anyway aren't they lovely... They are a cheapo pair from Penneys and I just love the detail on the buckles, so very bad guy western (also reminds me of Kasabian's latest album).

I don't have much to do today, but yet I feel in a creative mood... Maybe I'll paint... I am gonna be experimental with dinner today, does that count as creative????. I am making (or at least trying to make) hunters stew which is chicken and tomatoes and garlic and all that jazz in stew form with a side of chunky brown bread yummy!

Dress/ Cardigan: Warehouse
Boots: Penneys


  1. Love your hair color paired with the green dress.

  2. why thank you! I brightened the photo somewhat but i do have that slight auburn tinge to my hair!

  3. I came to say the same as Carly did, your hair and the colour of the dress play really well together:) You look great in that dress!

  4. looking fab - very sultry!

  5. Thank you very much ladies... you have me blushing!

  6. AnonymousJuly 25, 2010

    ooh, that colour is amazing on you sweetiekins x