Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Belly Issue...

This dress got me thinking (and I will be buying it)... It is a gorgeous woolen dress that is very fitted. So fitted that you can see the shape of my belly. Now, most women I know who have stomachs like mine do everything in their power to hide them, I do mostly as well. But why? Is the belly really that ugly? Now I'm not saying I am going to go around in a crop top and low rise jeans but I don't see why I should hide my natural shape if I don't see a problem with it...

If you look at women in paintings from throughout history you can see that they have bellies and a good bit of meat on their bones and they look stunning... Obviously beautiful enough to paint, so why do we have such a hate for the belly? I will admit I do have a hate for my belly, I would be rid of it if I could. But I have a good feeling I will never be rid of it (I have always had one even when I was rowing twice a day) so I think (even if I shrink it) I will have to learn to love my lady lump.

Most women who have bellies are curvy and look great in fitted dresses that show case those curves, but like me see that belly bump stick out and suddenly scream inside their head "CRAP I LOOK PREGNANT!" I know I do... But is that bump so bad? Is it a nasty thing indeed? Looking at myself in the dress above I am thinking it ain't so bad. It is a curve after all which is always aesthetically pleasing.

If you are like me a feel you can't wear a fitted dress because you look like a fat nasty mess, think again please... Try on the dress or pencil skirt and see how it looks. You could be surprised that you don't hate it.


  1. I adore this post. I think the dress looks gorgeous on you and your feminine figure. I know lots of men who like to see woman with a tummy / hips / bum, etc.
    Don't you agree that the way a woman looks, has as much to do with the way she dresses and carries herself as it has to do with her body shape?
    I think confidence is far more attractive than thiness!

  2. I totally agree with you whisty! If a woman can carry herself it will always work wonders

  3. Yup I agree with Whisty too, confidence is definatly the most attractive thing in a woman!! I think it looks fab on you:)!!


  4. to quote from Pulp Ficition (in a french accent)

    '..belly is sexy but only on a woman'...

  5. OMG you look fab! I was actually blogging about much the same today :)

    am now following and putting you on my blogroll :)

    would love for you to check out mine ;)

    xx Anika

  6. Awh no! I just left you a comment and my internet went funny. Boo!

    This is a lovely post. I am a belly girl, and even though I would like to be a little smaller - would help being able to shop in more than 3 shops - I don't think I'd ever give up my belly/boobs/arse. Never!

    You looks amazing in that dress, Rhona. x

  7. Thank you for this - it made my day & made me smile...we should embrace ourselves like the Mucha paintings and just get on with being confident & happy in our skin. A*

  8. You, Rhona Nolan, are my new inspiration! As a "larger" girl (not stick thin like the rest of my friends), I've always shied away from tighter fitting clothes.... now, thanks to you, I'm gonna go shoppering tomorrow! Thanks!

  9. I'm so glad that this post has given you confidence :) I know its hard to be confident at times trust me it is always happening to me... but sure wy can't we show off our gorgeous curves!