Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Electric blue in the garden of green...

Another little outfit post! 

Do own a garment that you know that no matter how you feel or how you look it is gonna look great on you? Do you have a garment so easy to get on and off? Do you have a garment that always makes a statement despite how simple it is? I do... It's this electric blue dress! I love it! I got it on Ebay for I think under €20 (I believe it is still there in purple) and when I first got it I had no idea what to wear with it. So it went unworn for awhile til I decided to create a slightly pin up sailor-ish look by adding this bow I bought in Awear. I honestly think it completes the look, to the point that I have never taken the bow off! I think I'm afraid to... 

So when I wear it I team it with some red shoes (nude ones from time to time) and saunter around in it because it fits like a glove, is ever so comfortable and shows off my curves in an elegant way... One day I might take the bow off and glam it up with some sparkly stilettos.

Out of curiosity... What would you wear with this dress? You might give me some ideas!

Dress: Ebay
Bow: Awear
Shoes: New Look


  1. Gorgeous as always! I know what you mean about the fail-safe dress, I have one or two! Love the way you've modified yours with the red bow, it really makes the dress!

  2. Beautiful colour on you. Fab with your hair. One thing I do with empire line dresses is wear them back to front (if they have a high back and are in a jersey material) sometimes it works sometimes it's awful!

  3. That dress is very cute! And I love the swing seat, I really want one for my garden! xx

  4. oh the colour is amazing on you!!

  5. that dress is beautiful, very femme and simple. love the bow on it too, so chic .x.