Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Cape? Nope...

My blogging is becoming so infrequent, I'm slightly ashamed of myself (only slightly). Hectic enough week so far plus my internet is being all kinds of fussy so please do forgive me. Anyway onto the outfit at hand.

I bought this jacket in Penneys in my first year of college as one of those summer/autumn transitional jackets that every girl needs (I can't wear my fur just yet). I always loved it because when buttoned up it looks like a cape. I love capes! I always have and was thrilled when I saw them popping up everywhere for the coming winter. But if I don't manage to get one before winter is out I feel this little jacket will fit the brief nicely.

Jacket/Leggings: Penneys
Tops: Awear, Jean Scene
Boots: Office


  1. 'likes this'

  2. cute.. it really does look like a cape!

  3. Loving capes too!! Really like the 2nd pic!
    Lady Peach