Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Two days, Two outfits, Two pairs of heels and One band...

So I'm back in college about a week now (third year eeek!) and I have to say I am ashamed of myself and my lack of posting, tut tut tut indeed!

Anyway, last night one of my favourite live bands (Blue Moose) was playing (they are one of the very few bands I have seen live but I still love them) in the my college pub, Scribes. Now last night was a Monday and I am one of those girls who always over dresses for the occasion (hence the heels) but over all I thought this was a nice enough outfit for a Monday night. Oh why did I wear heels?!?! I have seen this band before I know that the crowds dance and bounce and I know stilettos are not the best shoe for this kind of dancing... Foolish foolish Rhona. So I managed to grab myself a high stool and sang and bopped along as my girlies danced around me (my feet may have hurt last night but their necks are killing them today).

I must be a glutton for punishment because this morning I got up and decided to wear heels to college (it's ok I survived). Tomorrow I have decided to ditch the sophistication of heels and wear my old converse. Life needs balance after all...

PS: That is a spare bedroom in my flat. I'm lazy but not that lazy!

Outfit One:
Dress: Warehouse (years ago!)
Tights: Penneys
Heels: Dunnes

Outfit Two:
Dress/Vest/Tights: Penneys
Belt: Second-hand shop in Kilkenny
Heels: Clarks
Hairband: Awear

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