Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Graphic Monday

Forgive me on the uncreative post name but sure it does the job.

Anyway, I have noticed quite a few blogs devoting a day to a special post and I feel I should do this for graphic design. It is the course I am doing after all and I do want this blog do deal with graphic design as well as my obsession with fashion. Also it gives me a good excuse to jump head first into the imagery I find and learn more about the world in which I now live in. My lecturers are always going on about how being familiar with this kind of stuff is very important for us. Do forgive me if you have no interest in it. But you never know you might find a pretty picture to inspire you in some way (and that's always nice).

Each Monday I hope to post about something to do with graphic design, a designer, a movement, a magazine spread or maybe just a logo...

I found these images on Graphic Exchange and I just thought they were just so simple and raw. I love them. The owner of the blog took these in a letterpress workshop in the Design College of Australia.

Enjoy them.

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  1. I LOVE big letters. i need a t-shirt with big sexy font on it. p'raps with my name printed out?