Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sun Blizzard...





White is a colour that is a major trend this summer. It is most certainly a colour I will enjoy wearing. I already have three white dresses, but sure, I could do with a few more white pieces. There are hundreds of gorgeous pieces on the high street but here are a few pieces that I really really want! Out of all of them my favourites are the blazer and the brogues. Oh they are delicious!

This all-white look is a tad scary though. It looks gorgeous on the models but in the real world how practical is it really? (God I'm talking about practicality!) But I'm serious, when I wear white I am always extra cautious not to stain the garment, a stain is always a billion times worse when it's on something white. I immediately rush to the ladies to dab water on it. But sure I could give it ago I suppose, what are washing machines for. Tis all in the name of fashion.

I think if I was to wear all white I would put on some strong coral/purple/red lippy to add some colour, and of course a big block colour handbag! Nothing better than a bit of pop against all that white.


  1. I've been debating the ros and cons of buying those shorts...I could never keep them clean

  2. I love that Zara blazer. Agreed on the all-white look (plus I'm the kind of person who always ends up sitting on a square of chocolate).

  3. I never manage to pull of anything white without a major disaster.

    You've been tagged for an award over at Magatha May too.