Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Still in love with that coral sunset...

Outfit posts are slim on the ground due to my internship, I will do better. Anyway here are some recent purchases that I am still swooning over. Both coral and both oh so cool. It is my colour of choice at the moment, along with black. At least it is a summery colour, unlike black.

I love the structure of this bag: simple, boxy and sleek. It has a long handle, which is something that I'm not hugely used to though. To be honest I was half tempted to leave it there because of the handle, but the colour made me pick it up. It also fits a good bit in it, surprisingly. And I now love the handle!

The lippy was a teeny (huge) bit of an impulse buy, I saw it while working on a previous post and I went weak at the knees. It is called Vegas Volt (isn't that a brilliant name?!) I just loved that colour and my last coral lipstick was too waxy and difficult to wear. So I was delirah when I tried it on and it was perfect. One layer does the job perfectly, otherwise it would be way too bright for me to wear on a day-to-day basis.

I love both and shall be wearing both this coming Sunday when I'm out with my gang, yes I have a gang... we even click our fingers he he!

Bag: Penneys
Lipstick: MAC (Vegas Volt)

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  1. Christina B.May 31, 2011

    I was just going to suggest a post on your Sunday outfit! I will have a camera at the ready, can't wait!
    *clicks fingers*