Saturday, August 6, 2011

Cannot help but strut...

You don't need a mini skirt to be stared at, you don't need a low cut top to catch their attention. All a girl needs in her wardrobe is that figure hugging pencil skirt. Teamed with some simple high heels to give your pins that extra va va voom.

For me the pencil skirt is the perfect skirt for day to night. It surprises me how many women think that this brilliant skirt is old fashioned or worse yet, are afraid of it. But worn right I believe you can be respected (and envied) at work, have them eating out of the palms of your hands at night and by no means feel frumpy. The secret is the fit, in my opinion at least. You want one that hugs your curves but comes just below the knee. Sexy but still respectable...

Asos have some amazing pencil skirts at the moment.

The pencil skirt is my skirt of choice for this autumn/winter, it has a great way of making me feel all woman rather than just being ladylike. Just slip on a pencil skirt and watch them watch you walk away!

All girls should feel desirable...

Images via we heart it and asos


  1. So true, I always feel smart and sexy in a pencil skirt! Topshop are doing some very cool ones at the moment also x

  2. The green one is gorgeous..!
    I've yet to try out pencil skirts...

  3. cant beat an old fashioned strut!