Saturday, October 8, 2011


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So tomorrow night I am heading out for my first ever comedy gig. I know, how have I gone this long without going to one before? Well I was waiting for the right guy... Dylan Moran. Hands down my favourite comedian. Do I need to explain why?

Well anyway me being, well, me; I am racking my brain to come up with the perfect "comedy-show-at-vicar-street" outfit. I have a feeling most people don't give this a second thought. Somewhere between comfy and smart I'm presuming, or maybe just comfy. But that will just not work for me especially since I am also presuming a few jars will be had after said comedy show. So what to wear??? Well, I am going to take inspiration from these lovely ladies. Fun, fresh, with a little bit of sassy smartness thrown in for good measure. I am going to do my hardest to remember to take a photo, so you can all let me know whether I failed spectacularly or not.

In my head at the moment I am thinking black maxi skirt, mary janes and a band tee... 

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