Friday, October 7, 2011

crimson killers...

Recently I noticed after a night out that my darling little red heels are getting a little worn and aged and could stand to rest for awhile. Bought for my nineteenth birthday by my sister (who, by the way, has a slight obsession with red heels) they have been complimented many a time and have served me well. I will always love and will continue to wear them but I think I need a new pair of crimson killers to carry the heavy burden on their young shoulders. Thankfully there are loads to choose from at the moment. All styles are catered for in this dynamic and dominating colour. From cutie pie to dark vixen, there seems to be a red shoe for every girl.

Here are a few I wouldn’t mind sharing some dances with… Especially the Ellie shoes in the corner. Yes, I think "pin up diva" is definitely the style I should go with.


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  1. Red is my favourite colour, so I'm definitely loving this post! :)