Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Would you believe I introduced some colour into my outfit today. I know! I'm proud of me too. It was nice to have a bit of pop beneath my burgundy coat and black tights. I can go back to monochrome again now.

Tis a great little skirt this. Bought in a second hand shop and then cut up. It has all the benefits of old lady clothing, comfortable, elasticated and above all swishy. I paired it with a plain white tee and chunky ankle boots. I think the "swishy" material of the skirt is great against the boots. A bit of a juxtaposition. Tough and soft. Sometimes I would be worried about pairing items like these together. Worrying about "mixing genres" and all that stuff. But sometimes you just gotta risk it I suppose, even teeny risks like this. They can pay off...

Top/Tight: Penneys
Skirt: Thrifted
Boots: Dunnes


  1. I need those boots in my wardrobe ahhhh!!
    Did u buy them recently?

    You look gorgeous! :)

  2. Yes I did... about three weeks ago

  3. Lovely! I never find any thrifty things that are so nice!

  4. What a stunning skirt! The ladylike length & polka dots are a great combination <3