Monday, October 24, 2011

leather and wool...

Mondays are my lazy days... I don't have college so I attempt to do college work and thesis stuff. Every Monday I get up and I am all positive that I am gonna rock the day. Then I get started and I get bored, really quickly. I power through for awhile and then I give up and watch telly and surf the web for the rest of the day. Productive I know!

So my Monday outfits consist mainly of comfortable things, things that hang off me and keep me cosy, things such as this awesomely snug jumper and converse. I've actually been living in this jumper (even when it's not part of my original outfit). It is really toasty, so I need not layer just yet. 

So in the morning I throw whatever I see on in hope that they work. Today I actually think this outfit works. But I could be wrong...

Jumper: Shutterbug
Leggings: Penneys
Converse: Littlewoods
Rings: Gifts and random jewellers


  1. I like it! You're inspiring me to try faux leather leggings..
    You're so lucky to have Mondays off! Particularly with the hideous weather out there today!