Monday, October 17, 2011

shoe lust...

Yet another pair of shoes has caught my eye (well actually several pairs have caught my eye, but that is not the point). I want to talk to you guys about these ones. Why? Because these my friends are part of the Louis Vuitton a/w 2011 collection and therefore completely unattainable. Curse being an unemployed student! If it were possible these babies would be on my feet now (which would look weird since I'm in my pj's but that's how much I love them).

They are from their fetish collection and I think are really the perfect shoe for this autumn/winter. The pick up on several key trends for this season including fetish (duh), sixties and minimalism. And if that hasn't convinced you to go out and buy me (and yourself) a pair then how about the fact that they're sooo pretty!

Am seriously considering popping into Brown Thomas to see if I could try these bad boys on. It might be risky, they'll probably call security on the "crazy woman who won't take the pretty shoes off". 

Risky indeed.


  1. Very much loving these too, those bows on the shoe are so adorable!
    Great find :) xoxo

  2. Swiss swooo!
    You're even more of a shoe obsessive than me, its crazy haha

  3. Haha I know what you mean about lingering too long in shops, I'm soooo indecisive and take about three times longer trying on stuff than the average person... especially in Topshop! I'm dreading the day a sales assistant asks me if I'm alright in the changing rooms some day, it's bound to happen eventually! Just found your blog, following :) x