Sunday, October 30, 2011


So I am heading out tonight with my gang (clicks fingers) and its the night before Halloween... Now I have already done the dress up thing this week but I do want to do a little something given the occasion. So I decided that I'm gonna be a little adventurous with my eye make up. Gonna go a bit Black Swan, a bit smudgy, a bit dark, a bit mysterious, a bit glamourous. The kind of eyes that will shock and seduce, that will scare and mesmerise. 

I bought a new dress that is black and dark green, and it has a gorgeous drapey neck. So I am leaning toward dark green, gold and black for my eyes. To finish the look and gonna mess up the auld hair. Curl it and fuzz it up! Lets just hope I don't scare the boyfriend.

Any plans yourselves for Halloween? Do tell...

Images via we heart it


  1. Put up some pictures of your dress, please ! I love Black Swan's makeup, unfortunatelly it's quite hard to do.

  2. I read your little intro thing a couple of seconds ago and couldn't get over how sweet it is! <3
    Those are some fabulous pictures!

  3. Yes, pictures of it!! It sounds lovely :)