Tuesday, November 22, 2011


This outfit was most definitely inspired by A Beautiful Mess... I just love how she injects colour into her outfits without it being harsh, I love the cute patterns she parades around in and the dotey buckle shoes that just scream vintage. There is something so feminine and quirky about it all... (As I have already told you.)

So I really wanted to get that feel into an outfit of my own. I wore this outfit on Saturday and actually loved it so much that I decided to wear it again today. I never thought of this dress as appropriate for winter, I bought in the summer time so I naturally assumed for summer it should be. But (and I could be wrong) I think it kinda works, Quirky, offbeat and light enough that I can pile on layers. The pattern is simply the cutest in my opinion but everyone thinks they're snowmen and not apples, which is understandable since they are white (also appropriate given the season) but it still bothers me. Grr!

Dress/ Shoes: New Look
Cardigan: My mums
Ring: Etsy