Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Felt all studious today walking into college with my satchel. Isn't it so pretty! My mum treated me to this a couple of months ago but I only received it last Thursday (they had a serious backlog). I know, she spoils me so. I've wanted one for so long so I was beside myself when it arrived. I'm seriously hoping this satchel will last me a very long time. I got one with a handle so I use it as a briefcase (a really odd and colourful briefcase) for when I am all grown up and in the big bad world.

The only problem is that I'm really precious with the satchel because it's so new, shiney and awesome. I've a fear that I'll get it scratched... Its a terrible fear indeed. I keep smelling it too, odd I know but I do love the smell of leather (don't lie, you do too). The colour is just gorgeous as well, a wonderful way to add a punch of colour during these winter months. 

Scarf: Forever 21
Top: Awear
Skirt: Next
Boots: Dunnes
Satchel: Cambridge Satchel Co.


  1. thats awesome! adore your skirt to, its soooo cool!



  2. *too :P sorry!