Tuesday, January 10, 2012

blinging it up and stressing it...

My thesis was handed up today and I am ploughing through my portfolio. So much work to do but thankfully a good bit done too. Luckily I have a bit of bling to keep me looking bright even if I am not feeling it this week. Wearing it with (almost) everything!

Next Monday cannot come fast enough...

Top: Awear
Necklace: Oasis


  1. Congrats on handing in your thesis! What a relief. That Oasis necklace is gorgeous.

  2. thanks so much! it is such a relief! and the necklace is a beauty!

  3. very cute necklace! Congrats on the thesis!

    Rachel x


  4. That necklace is gorgeous! And I'll be in the same boat as yourself this year, gahhh! Congrats on it being done and dusted x

  5. That necklace is beautiful and I love how you paired it with the breton top! Such a stylish lady :) x