Sunday, January 29, 2012

pretty underwear...

Kelly Brook Collection/New Look

s/s 2012 New Look

s/s 2012 New Look

I am all for having pretty underwear. Nothing makes a gal feel more awesome than when she has got some snazzy underpants on! Since I was 16 I have strived to keep myself always in good underwear and it was always something my mother instilled in me and my sisters. So when I saw New Look's Kelly Brook collection and then their upcoming spring/summer collection I was little excited. For one thing they are so pretty and for another there are some GORGEOUS high waisted knickers thrown in their (which I have already bought!)

Sadly I am too big for their bras but not by much. Their sizes range from a 32B to 36F which I think is a great range considering the prices which are between €14.99 and €17.99 for the bras alone. The Kelly Brook collection is on sale now (I should know I have bought some already!) and the spring/summer collection is available in early February, just in time for my birthday!

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