Wednesday, February 8, 2012

feeling sleek...

Now I am no beauty guru. I know about as much as every other girl. But I was given one of these Sleek eye palettes for Christmas by a friend and I have to say I think it is amazing! I have pretty much used if everyday since I got it and that is no exaggeration. The colours are lovely, and they sit very well on my lids (you know what I mean- not having to apply loads to get a colour) and it lasts all day. I am definitely planning on making another purchase or two. And they are just under a tenner which I think is brilliant for twelve different eyeshadows.

Now I just have decide which one I want...


  1. shut . up. a tenner? ah here, give me them all, i could actually eat those pallets!!! where are they available from?

  2. $10??? Seriously??
    Such a gorgeous range of colours <3

  3. I have one too and loving it :)