Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Have a few stressful weeks ahead of me so I am going to apologise if the posts are few and far between... I am so very stressed about college. Final year is not fun! It's scary and meant for big, grown up people. Not me! But you never know, this might be a great distraction.

Anyway, swiftly moving on... This is one of my favourite skirts! Tis fitted yet still super comfy. And it's tartan, a major plus for me. But I am sort of worried it might look too wintery for spring. Looking forward to wearing it without any tights to see how it works for the summer with cute little red heels. But today I thought I'd go a little punk with tough ankle boots and my usual messy hair. And then some bling! Of course.

Do not worry, I had a scarf and cardigan on for most of the day because it was so effing cold in my college. But I refused to show them in the photos since they were not part of the original ensemble (anyone other bloggers do this?)

Top/Tights: Penneys
Boots: Dunnes
Skirt: Vivien of Holloway
Necklace: Oasis


  1. Eeee, love the tartan and the necklace. It WAS frickin cold all day today. Thank God for opaque tights.

  2. lovelovelovelovelove your skirt !
    It reminds me of good old british punk bands <3

  3. you look so cute - what a great look for college

  4. I adore this! simple with fiesty undercurrent x