Monday, July 16, 2012

graphic monday/graduate edition

So for the next few weeks I have decided to dedicate Graphic Monday to some very talented individuals... My fellow classmates and graduates. This week we take a look at Mark Finch Moran's graduate exhibition piece known as Metamorphose. It is a video piece that portrays the facing of fear, in particular his fear of coming out as gay. The piece tells his story of growing up gay and portrays his experiences from childhood to the present day. Since Mark (better known as Finch) has a fascination with the horror genre, he wanted to do it in that style. His hope is to one day become a Title Sequence designer and the whole presentation of the piece is inspired by that.

The video was shot in Woodlawn House in Co. Galway which is supposedly the most haunted house in Ireland. Getting permission into the place was a massive struggle but he of course wouldn't take no for an answer. His was determined to shoot the video in this house because it captured every essence of the story he was telling. The whole piece was planned, shot and edited in the space of two weeks (fairly impressive don't you think!) For the first time ever, Finch was opening up and telling his story in full to both his family and the public. This project required him to revisit repressed feelings and memories in order to deliver the piece. Doing this project was a stepping stone in itself, as it helped Finch look back and realise just how much he has grown as a person (and a designer.)

To see the whole piece and more of his work (and I highly advise that you do) just follow the link. If you wish to contact Mark Finch Moran just message me below and I will happily pass along the message...