Thursday, November 15, 2012

winter peggy...

Here we are again. Reduced to taking outfit pictures late at night. I no longer have the  luxury of hopping out of college for a few minutes to take snaps in the crisp daylight with my friend and photographer Paula. I must wait til I get home from work (before or after dinner I'm not picky). If I could remember to take photos on the weekend I wouldn't be in this problem.... But that's no fun.

I wore an outfit similar to this during the summer and then I felt quite 'Peggy'. Mad Men was calling me! Due to the weather (how miserable has it been this week?) I've had to make tweaks to my Peggy outfit and with my hair it's usual loose and messy self it looks like quite a modern bookish outfit. Which I love of course. Nothing better then librarian chic! Except for old Hollywood Glamour obviously... From my blue suede shoes to my gold watch to my tweed skirt I feel all wintery and studious (and sort of rock 'n' roll), but thankfully I merely look studious and don't actually have to study and worry about books and exams and the likes.*All I'm missing is my good ol' faithful satchel. And as I said in the last post these shoes are getting worn constantly. I think I need to give them a little break for a few days. Poor things...

Top: Awear
Belt: Penneys
Skirt: River Island
Tights: Dunnes
Brogues: Marco Tozzi
Watch: Citizen

*Sorry to those that do have exams, but trust me it will pass.


  1. you cutie x

  2. I'm impressed by your night time photo taking ability!

  3. Curves my dear! On Photoshop that is! Really helps to make photos look less crappy :-)

  4. My services will be available on Friday :) Love the shoes!!!!