Thursday, December 6, 2012

the absent blogger...

I am slipping into the real world. And it seemed to happen quite quickly. I have a full time job, I have a commute, I have taxes. It feels like only yesterday I was still being called 'Roly Poly Rhona' and being rolled down hills (by my delightful sisters) And as my life grows and develops I find myself (regretfully) losing touch with the beautiful world of blogging. With work, relationships, shopping, running, eating and sleeping something had to give. I find myself wondering is this it for me and blogging? Real world is calling and it is taking every available date in my calendar.

But then I looked around and saw so many of my fellow favourite bloggers having it all. A home, a full time job, a fella (trust me, I wanna keep my fella). One of them even has the same job as me! I realise it can be done. That my blog does not need to become a distant memory. It can develop and grow just as I will. After all it's more than a hobby. It's a passion. I just need to make it all work together nicely! There may be a lack of posts from time to time but Rose Tinted Uncertainty is not going anywhere for the foreseeable future.

I always wanted to be a graphic designer/blogger. Always thought it had a nice ring to it. I can't see why I should give up on my dream. After all, right now I am both of those things I just need to power through and find a balance to it all. If any of you lovely bloggers have any tips on how to balance blogging and a full time job please feel free to share your secrets.

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