Friday, May 17, 2013

holiday footwear...

I really have no intention of wearing these in Ireland. Unless miraculously the sun decides to get off his arse and heat this island up a bit. No, these shoes are ear marked for a little holiday I'm taking in August. A holiday to the island of Tenerife. To say I'm excited is honestly an understatement. I haven't been on a sun holiday since I was ten. That is no word of a lie... AND it's my first holiday with my fella. I know.... It's taken us seven years to go on one but we finally have the funds to do so.

So back to the shoes... I'm not really planning on bringing a lot of heels. Maybe just one staple pair. I want to be able to walk and dance and run around this little island and I feel/know that heels (even though they would look better) wouldn't be as comfortable and I just would like to completely relax. But that doesn't mean I can't look my best. So I have picked out two very interesting pairs of sandals from Zara (oh amazing Zara!) One for the day and one for the night but they'd easily cross over. I'm already planning outfits for both! The tribal ones will look great with khaki shorts, band tees and possibly a black jumpsuit while the blue ones will be divine with long floaty maxis and short satin dresses.

What footwear do you find essential when going on a sun holiday... Am I forgetting something?

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