Friday, June 21, 2013

the one piece...

A quick one for ye...

So as you all know I am heading to the sunny island of Tenerife in August. And I have been slowly buying the few key pieces I need. You know the ones, the perfect flat sandals, the white linen dress, the comfortable (yet cool) shorts, the perfect beach cover up. And of course the perfect swimwear. This is easy elimination for me. Tankinis and bikinis are a complete no go area for this lady. I would be far too conscious of my belly. So it simply has to be a swimsuit. The question is though which swimsuit? I have narrowed it down to these final three from Next. All have padding/support for the bosom (a MUST) and all are in the same price bracket (literally euros between them). I love all three and think they'd all be flattering but I just can't bring myself to settle on one (and I am not buying two because I already have one at home).

Now this swimsuit will be the 'lounging by the pool and I want my boyfriend to not stop looking at me'  as opposed to the 'surfing, swimming, let's go find some caves' swimsuit (I already have that one – with good dependable straps). So really this swimsuit will need to be simply gorgeous and flattering yet still good enough for a quick dip in the pool. Ladies (and gents if you're out there) which would you put on this body of mine? I think I may also ask my fella but it's good to get a second opinion!

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