Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Beehive...

I'm in love with the beehive hairstyle at the moment. It's a sixties hairstyle so of course I desire it (vintage whoop!) It is just such an easy way to do elegant hair... Little bit of backcombing, some pinning, add a side sweep (if you wish...) and your done! It is my ultimate updo this year and I hope it'll be yours too... what do you think of it? Do you've your own personal twist? Or is there another updo that you'll be rocking this year?

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  1. thanks for the comment. love your site!

  2. ah i love the beehive too..anything sixties inspired is a major yay for me!!
    had something similiar to Jessica Biel's do for my debs..didn't want to take it down!