Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sophisticated Sunday

Today I realised I was dressed quite sophisticated (even with the big bun on the side of my head...) This dress may look quite fancy and business like but it is sooooo comfy! I teamed it with a playful belt that has a gold horse for a buckle, flesh coloured fishnets (cause it is still too cold for completely bare legs) and shoes I bought ages ago that I still adore, they have a vintage look to them. I sometimes feel a little silly dressing up when I'm doing nothing for the day but sure, who cares???? I enjoy pretty clothes and I don't need an occasion to wear them... Do you agree? Let me know...

Also, I have high hopes for the weather this week! Tis looking great today anyway, need my shades!

Dress: Monsoon
Belt: Awear (came with a dress)
Tights: Ebay
Shoes: Penneys


  1. Oh I totally agree! I always dress up at the weekends even if I'm just at home for the day as during the week in college I'm mostly in a lab so I can't wear my nice clothes!!

  2. I totally agree, would love to dress up for work, but afraid i'd spill acid all over my nice clothes, KDx