Friday, April 9, 2010

Bound by style... A prison I love to be in...

Now I know in my last post I went on about being thrilled to get the auld pins out (I am, don't get me wrong) But I wanna just ramble about my new burning love for the full length tube skirts and dresses.... There is something so effortless about them. I think if you want to create that "I don't care if I look good but I know I do" look then one of these pieces are key.... I'd layer them with long cardigans, denim/mens shirt, long chains, light vests, gladiator flats, pomps, biker boots, bracelets galore or even a crop top (if I'm ever brave enough). Below are just a few that I am currently crushing on...

The two skirts above are from Asos and are great for the summer (good and punchy) and can be layered with black and grey during the winter months

This one I adore and it is from Topshop. I think it is quite quirky

This lovely is from Asos

This is from Warehouse and isn't as long as the rest but I think it is lovely and I want it very much.

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