Thursday, April 1, 2010

Looking Cool...

Here are some pieces from the Stolen Girlfriends Club collection... And I think it looks so so so cool and chic... There is something about this collection that screams " I get up at three in the afternoon and have a big mug of coffee as I watch the world go by...." It has an air of ease and casualness about it, almost like it is saying "relax, look good, someone else will do all the work." I imagine if I ever wore these clothes I would feel so cool and that everyone would wanna be my buddy! It is very interesting what people can feel from different clothes...

My favourite piece of this collection are the thick, wooly hot pants. I know I don't have the guts to wear them just yet, but you never know I might get brave some day...

Images from Knightcat


  1. WOW i love those leather shorts so much. want them!

  2. Amazing collection, great find Rhona. I concur the woolly hotpants are awesome, loving the frilly blouse that's with them and the bustiers are fantastic!

  3. I agree with Anna, those leather shorts are too delicious! Saw this on Knightcat also, I love that blog lots.