Tuesday, April 6, 2010

One Word, Amazing...

So the Absolut Style @ Set was on this weekend and it was incredible! Everything I hoped and more... (smiley face!!!!!!) Blanaid really outdid herself this time!


Friday was a wonderfully relaxing day where my buddy Chris and I chilled with our feet up and our faces full of popcorn. It was the fashion movie day and it did not disappoint. The movies on the line up were: Breakfast at Tiffanys (has to be seen on the big screen), Valentino: The Last Emperor ( a really good documentary, would watch it again), The September Issue (made me feel so sorry for Anna Wintour which I was not expecting), Grey Gardens and Sex in the City. There were also hot dogs, cupcakes and crepes on sale (crepes were so yummy!) and the whole day seemed so relaxed which was perfect for Friday. Also the Set Theatre is simply gorgeous.... go in and have a peek if you can.

View from up on the balcony
The Dirty Fabulous Stand
The Bonzie stand
The Vintage Emporium stand
The Rebekah Patterson stand

Oh where do I start???? Saturday was epic! I was in Heaven looking at all the vintage stuff. The chiffon, the netting, the beading! Everything looked so pretty and I wanted it all! All the exhibitors were so nice and friendly and were all dressed brilliantly! The stalls and stands were so extraordinary I was afraid to touch anything but they exhibitors were more than happy to let you try on everything (which I took full advantage of!). My favourite stands belonged to Dirty Fabulous (everything they had was divine, could not stop staring at their stand! They had a mix of vinatge stock and hand made items made from vintage pieces), Bonzie (they made all their own pieces hand made from vintage clothes/jewellery, they were so beautiful and quirky) and Rebekah Patterson (she made unique hats and headpieces that would surely get you noticed, one word: gorgeous!). I was also delighted to find plus size vintage clothes there, some even too big for me... Its good to know there is great vintage clothes for us bigger ladies!

The master classes were really good as well. I really enjoyed them. Annemarie O'Conner did a class in how to create a good capsule wardrobe and she knew what she was talking about. I agreed with everything she said... She had such a friendly presence that it made me want to listen to her.

Kieran O'Gorman and Co were full of life and fun to listen to during their master class. He made some really good points that made me think and I'm less afraid of hairdressers now (he he!).

Laura Cunningham is a smart cookie when it comes to shapes! Her master class was on dressing for your shape (I trust her: she was dressed brilliantly). I just need to figure out if I'm an apple or an hour glass, I had traits of both of them.

Saturday Night

The Mad Hatters Tea Party was unbelievable!! We had appletinis in teapots, pixie sticks, naked, gold dancers and a man on stilts! The dj-ing was brilliant throughout the night and I danced til my feet literally would not work anymore! My outfit is fairly demented which was the dress code so I didn't care. Blanaid I'm coming again next year, it was brilliant! And even though she told me she was stressed she certainly didn't look it! Gorgeous woman! Gorgeous event!

Feather stole: Gold
Chiffon top: Awear
Skirt: Awear (used to be dress)
Hair piece: Dirty Fabulous

All images are mine except the last two, they belong to Blanaid Hennessy.


  1. oh jealous..i was all set for a day trip but then my bestie came home from London, love her, but damn her! teehee

  2. I think I love you - this is SUCH a brilliant post! Thank you so much for coming to the weekend, and enjoying yourself, and being SUCH a help, and dressing so fabulously, and writing this post! xx