Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Pulling the short straw...

I now we still don't have the right weather for bare legs but that doesn't mean I can't start shopping for shorts (after all I can wear tights with them). I am a larger girl so I used to steer clear of shorts but in the past year or so I've lost over a stone so this summer I'm gonna bare my pins in some loverly shorts. Above are just some of the styles that I like... I have decided for my casual day shorts to be the floaty culotte style. I'm thinking they'd be the most comfortable and most flattering on my thighs (plus they have really pretty patterns!).

Top three images from Asos
Rest from Topshop

Now for something a tad more daring.... I am also searching for some leather shorts, for the days when I wanna feel edgy and cool. The top image is the best photograph I could get of the leather shorts that I am dying to get (no.4). As you can tell the have a lovely scalloped edge and are rather high waisted. I just love them. They say they are from Asos but I have yet to find them... When I do I will most certainly buy. If I never find them (sad face) I am thinking I might just get the bottom pair which are from the H! by Henry Holland collection. They are nice and simple so I imagine I would be able to team them with loads...

What do you think about this leather shorts trend? What do you think about shorts in general? Let me know...

Asos shorts image from Jackie Dixon


  1. I bought a lovely sailor-esque pair of shorts in Topshop...all I need now is a lovely breton stripe body to wear with it

  2. OMG! I have the purple dotty ones!!! Yes, I am so on trend right now!!

  3. You lost over a stone?! fair play, that's amazing! i also love shorts... the floral ones are my favourite!