Friday, April 23, 2010

White stripes make me feel happy inside...

Forgive the angry face (I hate smiling in these photos: I don't know why). Anyway, how is everyone? Sorry for the lack of posts this week, college work has literally swallowed me whole. But at least there was no college today so I treated myself to wearing my favourite dress while doing my college work at home... It was my first vintage purchase and I love love LOVE it. It was a great purchase because unlike most vintage clothes it was cheap enough and in my size... I'm on the look out for some more pieces for the summer (Ebay is looking pretty good right now: plenty of pretty stuff at good prices). Wish me luck on my vintage hunt!

Dress: Vintage (Ebay)
Belt/Shoes: Penneys
Necklace: Charity shop


  1. Really cute dress:)!!!


  2. beaut!!!!

  3. Totally! Good luck! Dress is fab and I get that thing about smiling on personal style posts. It feels weird right? I hardly ever do and feel like a right grumpy moo when I see the pics after... I not though! :) see smiling.
    You don't look angry either, you look cool, lovely! x

  4. Eee that dress is so gorgeous! You look like you should be waiting for a train in the 1920's or something...!

    Love love love,