Thursday, May 20, 2010

Pulling up my stocking as I turn the page...

I have found it... a magazine that I wanna read from cover to cover... I've wanted a good fashion mag for awhile and the rest were just not hitting the mark. I was actually very disappointed in Vogue and Glamour (don't hurt me), Glamour was the better of the two and I had worn out my love for Look, I enjoy the Sunday Times Style but it is just not big enough. So I thought I'd give Nylon a go this month, not really expecting to like it but I love it!!!!

It is very offbeat and stylish and cool (and all that jazz) and even the ads are interesting and they are for quirky shops like Ray-ban and American Apparel. Some of the stuff is high fashion but it is mixed so well with high street. Also I am currently enjoying the articles (so easy to read). How gorgeous and fresh does Zoe Saldana look on this months cover????

I feel that if you are gonna pay upwards to six quid on one of these mags you really want it to make it worth your while and Nylon is really hitting the spot. Plus I feel so cool reading it...

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  1. AnonymousMay 24, 2010

    the style bible according to Nylon x