Friday, June 11, 2010

Bourjois? Bonjour!

Thanks to my gran slipping me a sneaky tenner, I purchased this gorgeous eyeshadow by Bourjois. It is called 07 Noir Emeraude, so basically it's green, dark green, beautiful. I have to admit I have been crushing on this colour for awhile now. I have been goggling at it every time I go get photos developed for college. And now it is mine! Whoop whoop and so on...

The colour looks great when its applied heavily, I tried using a little and it just looks dirty and is more black than green. But I have no problem piling it on (I am a sucker for exaggerated disco eyes). This colour green on your eyes, slight beehive hair, jewels dangling from your ears and lashings of mascara... Oooh doesn't it sound wonderful (where's my martini darling?).


  1. I love your freckles. I wish I had freckles. :(

    You're great at doing makeup, really confident. I've never worn eyeshadow in my life, terrified of looking like a clown. I need lessons! You should do video post tutorials :)

  2. Hey I have this eyeshadow too n looove the colour but find when you apply it with a damp eyeshadow brush the colour is intensfied and the green really comes through. Also it's fab paired with goldy eyeshadow on the lid and then noir emeraud in the crease. x