Friday, June 4, 2010

Obsession takes hold of me...

Okay... I think I might have a slight problem... At this moment in time I've just over 70 pairs of shoes (I counted) and yet my heart needs to buy more... I purchased the above pair on Monday (ebay: €20, aren't they gorgeous!) and I'm already looking at these lovelies below on Asos (I want both colours!!!). Shoes seem to be my vice, I just love them so much. And I know there are millions of people in the world with more shoes than me but the way I look at: I am a 20 year old, full time student with no job (I am searching), I shouldn't have this many shoes, should I?

As my mother has always said I only ever spend my money on clothes and shoes and the odd night out... I could be addicted too much worse things and if I don't have the money I won't buy a new pair (if I really really want them I save up). So I think I'll keep my vice, I love shoes, I love how they make me look and feel and what is wrong with that (that's what they all say).

Does anyone else share my obsession??? Or do you have your own fashion addiction?


  1. I love shoes too. Haven't been able to buy any recently due to lack of funds but dreaming over a pair I saw in BT's!! Those shoes in the first picture are amazing-And for only €20? Crazy.

  2. All of those shoe's are lovely! I am definitely a shoe girl too, not sure exactly how many pairs I own but at least 100. Love the color of the first pair of wedges. XO

  3. AnonymousJune 08, 2010

  4. I love shoes...and earrings...and silky camisoles...oh the list goes on

    I have nominated you for the sweetest follower award (its on my last post if youre confused)

    Love love love,