Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Suspicious like a character in an Agatha Christie novel...

I like the idea of the crop top but my stomach is my least favourite part of my body (I am quite body confident but not about my belly). So I solved my problem by teaming my make shift crop top with my gorgeous high waisted trousers, this way I show a little bit of skin but I still feel comfortable. The shape of the "naked" part reminds me of the cut-out Miu Miu dresses that I love so much so I was very pleased with that.

I came down stairs to see what my mam thought (she is style and elegance personified) and she told me that I looked like a woman on the French riviera or a character from an Agatha Christie novel/film. And I was even more pleased then, I had, without realising, created a vintage style look and we all know how I love my vintage looks...

Shirt (tied at the waist): Penneys (man section)
High Waisted Trousers: River Island