Wednesday, July 7, 2010

No baskets of fruit...

I am really really liking the 2011 Resort collection by Chris Benz. I just think it is stunning... Simple as.

Benz says he was thinking of Sascha Brastoff, a mid-century ceramist as a starting off point. Brastoff's muses included Carmen Miranda. Miranda was quite the tomboy in the forties and this was also an inspiration for Benz.

I feel the Carmen Miranda vibe from these pieces but also just a slight bit of Jackie O, especially in the designing of the hair. I really do get the feel of outlandish holidays in Brazil or Argentina when I look at this collection. I can just imagine some ridiculously rich aristocratic couple had landed in South America for the summer and this is what was in the woman's many many suitcases.

Maybe thats why I love this collection so much...

Apologies about the amount of pictures, I found it very hard to narrow down this collection.


  1. love a bit of ladylike x

  2. Perfect amount of pics!
    Love the first, the last and the one in the middle with the yellow. And the one before that, and the one. etc...

  3. Blau: Who doesn't??? he he

    Whisty: I know what you mean.... I want them ALL!