Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Photo shoot...

So here are most of the photos from my photo shoot at the amazing Shutterbug studio with the brilliant brother sister duo of Blanaid (blanaid.com) and Eoin Hennessy. I am delighted with the photos! They came out so well with very little help from me... These two seriously know what they are doing... If you need a photo shoot done give them a shout.

Isn't that tulle skirt just fantastic! Its by the Irish independent fashion label Bonzie. I loved it! It is so beautiful and I felt so extravagant in it... *sigh longingly* Most of the rest of the clothes were my own. I brought up a load of clothes to Blanaid and she went to town with them. Created two great outfits!

Outfit One
Gold Top/ Heels: Blanaid's own
Skirt: Bonzie
Gloves: Vintage, Ebay

Second Outfit
Beret: Haddens, Carlow
Vest/ Leather gloves: Penneys
Feather Collar: Gold
Leather Skirt: Vintage, Wild Child
Heels: Dune, my sisters (sssh!)

If you want to see the rest of that shoot and more of Shutterbug's work then why no click here.

Hope I get to do another one some day...


  1. Omg they're amazing! You look stunning! Pictures to have forever!

  2. Rhona, you look really amazing! Great work missey!

  3. Really gorgeous!! You should definatly get some printed and framed, lovely to have:)!! x

  4. Wow! I love the fourth picture, it's got a real 19th century Parisian look.

  5. Gorgeous, Rhona!

  6. OMG you look savage, though u always been the gorgeous one........ my shoes girl we need to talk :)

  7. BEAUTIFUL X and not just because I like to see hotties in leather xx

  8. stunning! the second is def my fav! weldone .x.

  9. Wow, they are absolutely gorgeous! You look stunning and the styling is beautiful. Well done to you, blanaid and eoin. x

  10. You look incredible! Your skin is gorgeous too, freckily beautiful :)

  11. wow, just came across ur blog today and these photos are stunning! i love bonzie too!