Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sheepish opulence...

So there are loads of trends for autumn/winter and as well as the lady like chic I am going to try and replicate another trend. I don't really know what you would call this trend but it is pretty much chunky woolies with glamourous pieces of clothing... An interesting clash to say the least and I believe completely wearable (I am certainly on a mission with this one!). 

Now I am not going to go as far as the above picture (though it would be a great excuse to buy a gorgeous silk gown). I have been thinking about this trend for the past week and thinking how it could be made wearable and chic...

Tights: Asos, Earrings: Etsy, Dres: River Island, Heels: Bordello, Ribbon: Local Haberdashery

Heels: Ted Baker, Sweater: River Island, Earrings: Etsy, Skirt: Couture Allure, Tights: As before, Ribbon: Local Haberdashery

I have created two outfits which I have already started created in my own wardrobe. Before the winter ends I will (hopefully) wear both of them. One is less wearable but I feel if I am brave enough it could work... The first outfit is easier to create because wooly dresses are popping up everywhere and if they are teamed with extravagant heels, seamed tights and some sparkling jewellery I believe it would be a soft version of this trend... Full skirts in opulent fabrics are hard to come by (which sucks). They one above is vintage. What I plan on doing its simply taking the top of an old dress of mine which no longer fits on the bust and hey presto I will have a full raw silk skirt and I've saved myself some money. Perfect.

Are there any winter trends you are going to make your own?

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