Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Shoe Dilemma...

Ok so here's the story... I was on the search for a simple (ish) pair of black heels, you know the ones that work for practically everything. I have loads of black heels but none that would work well with loads of outfits. So as I was on my quest my mother said she'd buy the pair I wanted as part of my Christmas present (I know it's early but ssh). So I found this pair (see above): Miss KG by Kurt Geiger. It would be an understatement to say that I was excited about getting these shoes (I randomly yelled KURT GEIGER SHOES to my poor boyfriend while in the night club that night). And they were on sale!

However, I had loads of problems getting these shoes, I had to call Kurt Geiger to confirm the order but I couldn't get through so they cancelled my order and then I got an email of the customer relations supervisor apologising and offering me a refund on the delivery if I would like to reorder the shoes. Of course I wanted to but they were sold out by then... She then offered to search their stores for another pair (she was really going out of her way- twas nice).

But the plot thickens...

I found the shoes in my usual size in Debenhams and they were really tight! Painfully tight! Will the next size up fit?


So I sought after other heels because I don't know if I should bother the nice lady searching for the next size up when I don't know if they'll fit... I do like the three I found but not as much as the first pair and I just really wanna own a pair of Kurt Geiger heels. 

What should I do?

In other news, I also want these Kurt Geiger babies! Yum!


  1. Check out the sale on ASOS. You might find something waaaaaay cheap to satisfy your needs...

  2. Ooh I do love Kurt Geiger! I think you should just keep an eye out in Brown Thomas as the KG range is very reasonable and theyre always getting new styles in! At least you can try them on then! x

  3. go with KG - beauty is paaaaaiiiiinnnnnn baby
    sorry, that's not very practical advice, but i still stand by it...

  4. I like the 2nd 2 pairs, love the plainess of the office ones but alson like satin toe thing on the dunes, makes them dressier