Thursday, October 14, 2010

Where the boho hobo sits...

Yesterday was an odd day for clothes. I wore fur, converse and a turban hair band... Did it work? Well I don't know but I was willing to give it a try! Besides it was quite a cold day so at least it was somewhat suitable for college. And sure isn't it completely practical to wear converse into college (with our without ribbons for laces).

I feel its that time of year when you put away your jackets and root out your nice winter coats, though my lovely fur collar is helping to keep me nice and toasty. 

I do love a good top coat!

Hair band: The Funny People Co. (etsy)
Jumper: Warehouse
Jeggings: Oasis
Converse: Gift
Jacket: Vintage 
Fur Collar: H&M


  1. If there's a time to wear a turban, then college is definitely it. I love your fur tippet too.

  2. that just darling x

  3. love these pics, Love the outfit more. The smart blazer, feminine fur and smart/casual jeans and old chucks is bloomin fab!