Friday, November 12, 2010

Can also be worn as a hat...

I like fur... I think I would feel bad owning real fur but it does feel loverly! I have my fair share of faux fur and I think I want a bit more...

Yes, I want a fur hat... But not one with those silly flaps! I do hate those. I imagine just wearing one with an average outfit would lift up my "chicness level" ( I am always trying to find easy and quick ways to be chic-pearls and a gown cannot be worn in my class room!) 

Also they are so very Russian especially with very dark red lippy (Bordeaux-Rimmel, my favourite.) And who doesn't wanna look Russian? 

I even know which one I want. This one.

It is from Topshop. Was in there one day with my friend. Loving it but thinking it would look silly on me I tried it on and asked if it suited me.  At that moment a woman leaving the shop looked at me and said, 

"You know what? It actually does!"

I had to go look for myself and I loved it! It was warm and cosy, soft, chic and yet still fun. I decided then that I would get it when I could. And I will!


  1. Me love those hats longtime. The furry trappers are cool too - with added warm ears bonus!

  2. I had a thing for them last winter and although I'm not so sure about that look this year I'm definitely in for warmth that they manage to keep