Saturday, November 13, 2010

My little pony...

I have actually never been on a horse... Believe it or believe it not. A donkey, yes but never a horse. 

Anyway I felt todays ensemble was very equestrian. I think it's mainly the boots and my little horse belt buckle.... and possibly the navy. I do love this dress, a nice wool blend thats cosy but still form fitting. I have been living in these boots, but sure why wouldn't you? They are amazing! I also am loving the belt, there is something very kitsch about it... Heck I love this whole outfit!

It was bloody freezing out when I shot these (thankfully it did not take too long). And I tried to take some jumping shots (most just look weird- like I'm that weird aunt that dances like she is still in the sixties). But I got one of me up in the air... An action shot!

Apologies for the snooty expression in the last shot... Maybe deep down I'm just a big snob.

Dress: Monsoon
Belt: Awear (came with a dress)
Boots: Office

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  1. awh love that second last pic x