Wednesday, December 22, 2010

If Santa really loved me #5

Today I have two more bloggers that have told me what Santa should get them if he really loved them...

The first blogger is the ever so cool Cathy Lawson from The Style Strutter. She feels that if Santa really loved her he would get her an Alexander McQueen Crystal Encrusted Clutch Bag! Maybe he could bring two... one for me and one for her (it's totally doable!)

Alexander McQueen Crystal Encrusted Clutch Bag

The next blogger is one of my favourite story tellers, Catherine Carr of the brilliant A Chick Named Hermia. She feels a silk Hermes scarf would do nicely for around her neck this Christmas Day. Santa can surely that... I am sure of it!

Silk Hermes Scarf

Two more coming tomorrow...

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  1. Fingers crossed we find them under the tree on Christmas morning:)! x