Thursday, December 23, 2010

If Santa really loved me #6

Ok who is gonna spill their greedy little guts today?

First up is Sarah Waldron of The Licentiate who, I feel, is being practical as well as indulgent- if that is at all possible. Well now, Santa if you really loved Sarah (and I am sure you do) will you please get her a brand spanking new Macbook Air... Thank you.

Macbook Air

Next is Jane Kenny from Noisy Shoes. And boy she is a greedy little minx... Instead of giving me one item she gave me loads! Greedy or what??? Poor Santa, he ain't made of money! 

So what does Jane want off Santa, well she wants a Hassleblad, a Leica, a Givenchy studded bag and some Balenciaga shoes... Super materialistic, just the way Christmas should be ;)

Givenchy studded bag


 Balenciaga shoes 



  1. haha you TOLD us to be materialistic!!! and if i'm wishing for stuff (let's be honest that's as far as i'll get) then why not wish for it all?!!! xx

  2. Nice choices Jane... do you think I could upgrade my Santa requests and get a Macbook AND a Leica?

  3. Well if Jane's getting one you should too!

  4. A Hassleblad. Swooooooon! I'd need about ten Santys to bring me one of those. *Dream camera*