Saturday, December 11, 2010

Pretty bow in my hair...

Just a little post about the beauty that is holding my hair up. This gorgeous tie-dye bow was lovingly made for me by my best friend (and birthday girl) Molly. She made it for me over a year ago and I keep forgetting to wear it (but that doesn't mean I don't love it, or her). 

I had to get my greasy hair off my face (don't worry will be washing said hair soon for Molly's Birthday Bash) but a plain bun looked terrible on me, enter bow! A wonderful thing to distract myself and others from my neglected hair. Plus... (putting on squeaky cutie pie voice) it's just so pretty! I even co-ordinated my eye shadow with it for the photograph!

Thanks again Molly for my lovely bow! And Happy Birthday! xx


  1. That IS a purty bow! Jeez, I wish my friends were creative types like yours (although they definitely make up for it by being totally fabulous in other ways).

  2. pretty as a picture x