Sunday, December 12, 2010

Shutterbug at Christmas...

So Blanaid Hennessy of is up to it again... Next Saturday she is turning her studio into a festive shop filled with second hand wonders, jewellery by K Kajoux (gorgeous), furniture, portrait vouchers and loads more!

And she asked me to make the poster for it... Feeling very privileged I jumped right on it! And there it is, Aren't I amazing (I kid, I kid). Both her and I wanted it to reflect the studio and I do think it captured it quite well. Thanks Blanaid for letting me create the poster and giving me some exposure...

So if you can pop down to her studio in Kilkenny next Saturday...


  1. Ah thanks Rhona - we LOVE the poster - you really delivered. Can't wait to get it printed to hang in our window! Thanks again so much x

  2. adore your design x and really must venture to Kilkenny at some stage