Thursday, January 13, 2011

I feel a welcomed trend coming on...


It has become obvious that seventies fashion is a serious trend for this brand new year of ours.... And I have to say I am pleased! I think seventies fashion was a bit of fun, I see old photos of my parents who were teenagers during that decade with their platform heels (mom), frilly shirts (dad) and bell bottoms (both). 

I think it'll be my trend of the summer. I already have my trusty floppy hat and flares at the ready. But knowing me that just isn't enough, I think I may just need this jumpsuit. Tis around €58 (which I don't think is a terrible price for a jumpsuit). Also I noticed Penneys have some nice floral dresses (serious seventies style flowers!) in dirty yellows and browns with braided belts on the waists. I must have a proper investigation when I get the chance, try them on too.

Anyone else loving the seventies vibe?


  1. Absolutely love it, delighted long skirts and dresses are coming back, it's not something we've really been able to enjoy in our generation just yet! That jumpsuit is gorgeous, you could dress it up or down. Definitely worth €58! X

  2. I'm really gonna have to get one of those floppy hats!

  3. Totally agree! Love the seventies vibe and frequently look at old pics of my mam in her thousands of pairs of flares she had and wish that she kept them all!